The Home Learning Association (HLA) is an inclusive national membership organization created to provide support, resources and comprehensive access to everything a family needs to homeschool their children from
birth through college and beyond.


What We Do:

By working hand-in-hand with over a dozen affiliated companies, the HLA works to assist in the organizing, coordinating and advancing of the homeschooling movement for the benefit of ALL homeschoolers.


As a true nationwide organization, the HLA can offer opportunities and support previously unavailable to Homeschoolers (Terra Scholars) who love learning and consider the whole world their classroom.


Examples include providing for Members to receive:


The opportunity to download a free copy of a comprehensive 285 page e-book entitled "Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today's Homeschooler".


The opportunity to view 10 1/2 hours of very useful tips and information on homeschooling on the 5 discs of the "Homeschool Teacher Course".

Establishment of a safe, online, Social Network for homeschoolers to interact, study and grow with others who have similar interests regardless of their age or location.


National Talent Showcases in art, music, film, writing, etc. as well as a National Virtual Science Fair and Solutions Debate program with the results of each of these events to be showcased at the year end 7-day virtual extravaganza called the Home Learning Expo. (Starting in 2015).


State and National level Student Council and Ambassador programs for the kids as well as “Leadership Council” opportunities for the parents.


Opportunities for fundraising, adventure travel, involvement in community projects, business development and endorsed diplomas (for those who feel they are important).


Access to an e-book and video library, specially designed camps and a wide variety of webinars and seminars.


Help with post-graduate studies, business expansion and/or employment for homeschooled scholars.


Ongoing support through our “Support Group Directory”, “Ask the Expert” program and our monthly newsletter called the “Home Learning Digest”.


A Membership Card that will allow members to get discounts at national chain stores as well as access to a wide assortment of discounted products in the Home Learning Store.


       It is our hope that our organization will offer enough opportunities, resources, programs and support to encourage every homeschool family to join us. There is strength in numbers and the time has already come when a unified force of millions may be necessary to help us all maintain our right to raise and teach our own children. Please look at our PDF brochure with complete details and then JOIN TODAY.


The two videos shown below will give you more information about the Homeschool Teacher Course and tips for those just starting their homeshool adventure.




Terra Scholar Ebook

We Believe:

  • The Government Schools strip children of their love of learning, their creativity and all of their rights including especially their freedom.
  • Every child should have the right to discover their passion and be free to pursue their own interests while learning what they NEED to know, in their own way.
  • Intelligence is not the ability to regurgitate "so called" facts, and standardized tests destroy any opportunity for REAL long-term learning to take place.
  • Homeschooling will be attacked more and more frequently by those fearing people who can think for themselves or who fear losing the status quo..
  • Homeschoolers must join together to become a unified voice to defeat any such attacks.
  • If you homeschool and share any of these beliefs then please join our Association so that together we can provide children with every opportunity to become intelligent, happy, free adults while helping to protect the right to homeschool for everyone.

Latest HLA News:

Registrations are now being accepted for the Homeschool Space Camp Adventure in September. Check out "Space Camp - The Web Series" on YouTube to see what it's all about..


The "Homeschool Teacher Course" is now a free benefit of becoming an HLA Member.

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